Soft Alloy Extrusions

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Kaiser Aluminum offers rod & bar products specially tailored for the general engineering market. Rod & Bar can be created from the following alloy selections:

Alloy and Temper Availability
6033 T651 T8
6040 T6 T651 T8 T9
6061 T4 T451 T6 T6511
Dimensional Ranges
Round Square Rectangle Hex
Cold Finished .125″ – 8.500″ .125″ – 6.300″ .125″ x Various to
6.000″ x 8.000″
.250″ – 3.000″
Extruded .300″ – 8.500″ .375″ – 6.3000″ .125″ x Various to 6.000″ x 8.000″ .250″ – 3.000″
Special Notes: Additional sizes, alloys and tempers are subject to inquiry. Rounds in non-stress-relieved tempers (TX) are available in the complete size range listed below. Rounds in stress-relieved tempers (TX51, TX5111) are available from .300″ to 8.000″. The maximum diameter of 2011 T3 and 2011 T8 is 3.500″. Dimensions are dependent upon the alloy and temper.

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Specifications – May vary depending on temper
6061 B211 QQ-A-225/8, 4115, 4116, 4117, 4128 4150, 4160, 4161, 4172, 4173
Color Codes
Alloy Color
6061 Blue
Rod, bar and wire are frequently identified by the color codes shown in the following chart, either on tags or paint on the end of rod and bar. These colors do not apply to ink used for identification markers.

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Kaiser Select Precision Rod
Kaiser Select Manifold Bar