is a highly engineered aluminum product for your most demanding machining applications and will be our mark in the marketplace.”

Jack Hockema
   President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
   Kaiser Aluminum Corporation
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represents products that have been created by clearly identifying the customers critical to quality characteristics for specific products and controlling the process variables that affect those characteristics.

Critical to quality characteristics could include: flatness, machining stability, consistent grain structure and lot to lot product consistency.

Complete control of the variables is achieved by manufacturing on a process line with recipe driven PLC controls to prevent the key process variables from drifting outside tightly defined limits.

The Production Process

A Unique, Multi-Aligned Manufacturing Approach

Kaiser Select Process

The Production Process Consists of Two Key Elements

Kaiser Select Scorecard

1. Understanding the customer’s needs and translating them into engineering variables.

2. Verifying via electronic output or “scorecard” that variation is held within extremely tight control limits.

products go beyond standard specifications in meeting the performance needs of the customer’s application with enhanced characteristics that may not be fully defined in the specification. Depending on the application, such enhanced characteristics include exceptional flatness, low residual stress, refined grain structure, superior machining performance and less than standard tolerances. As well as improved consistency demanded by the customer, lot to lot and piece to piece. These enhancements allow customers to lower their costs through improved yield and first time pass performance.